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In this day of digital photography, you can take many pictures without wasting any film, indeed without using film at all! And with today's computer programs such as Photoshop, you can improve your photos with additional artistry. It's a wonderful time to be a photographer!

On my husband's den wall hangs a set of Versaframes straight 4, Part Q12-12, in black.

Versaframes provide a perfect setting for my husband's beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay as he sails. . What is unique, so versatile about these frames is that once you frame a photo, it is not stuck in that frame forever. You can change the photos around any way you like, even set up beautiful sequences.

Each and every family photographer can now express creativity easier and more economically than ever before. Thanks to Versaframes, these personal expressions of photographic art are no longer stuffed in a drawer or hidden in some forgotten scrap book. Owning versaframes allows you to have an art gallery in your own home.

Sandy Gordon

What people are saying about the VersaFrame:

"It appears to be the most versatile and valuable for our purposes."

"Can totally fit our needs for our student recognition program."

"It would be great for our offices. We are excited to get them ordered"

"We are looking for a mulit-photo system to display a number of Eagle Scout photos and after much searching this was the easiest to install, priced right and looks good"

"ght now at our school we have old outdated wooden frames that, quite frankly just do not look good. The versa frames look clean, neat and will fit our needs and make our students proud of the displays"

"This is exactly what we are looking for to create a mass photo display on a wall in our office. We like to change pictures to feature our most recent travels and events and this will be perfect."

"They look terrific in showrooms."

"This is such a great idea and is so versatile!"

"It is a great idea to bring certifcates together in an organized manner."

"I have ordered before and my certificates look so great I now want to add customer letters!"

"Have replaced years of unmatched picture frames for golf champions."

"Love it - Because these frames make my life easier. I work at a counseling center and must display all of our cerfificates in the lobby. They all have different expiration dates and must be changed often. Versaframe makes this much easier to do."

"We think this would work well for displaying employee licenses."

"It's great to be able to get ideas for decorating with frames in those hard to decorate areas, like a staircase."

"The pictures look very organized and appealing."

"We are a real estate brokerage with 50+ agents' license to display on our walls. This looks like the perfect system to make easy changes and also will look fabulous on our wall."

"The photos look very professional, and I like the way you can personalize the arrangement for whatever purpose you may have."

"It is perfect for me to be able to make frequent changes to what I display as new certificates are issued twice a year."

"looks great & easy to do"

"It looks like it can solve my problem with too many photos!"

"Liked the fact no gluing is needed, frame is reusable and the frame looks good and enhances the puzzle looks."

"I was looking for a no-glue puzzle frame and am happy to find VersaFrame has this. Most places assume one must glue their puzzle to frame it."

"finally found the perfect one for my collage"

"very reasonably priced and looks nice"

"you have a great idea and also explain it very well."

"The product is simple and creates options for display that are unique to the product. it is also much more modern for the young adult that is receiving it as a gift for christmas, alot of the other options are chintzy or too ornate."

"Photos can easily be changed and it allows many photos to be displayed minimizing the amount of holes put in the walls."

"I would order this for an office application. Its simple design, the ease of replacing the contents in the VersaFrame, and the price make it an excellent option."

"I like the concept and the look behind it . A very clean look."

"I currently have 11, 12X12 VersaFrames in the family room with my photographs. I "rotate my stock" with the seasons, quickly and easily. A good product at a fair price. That's why I'm getting more for the guest bedroom."

"I've been looking for a way to display my 8X10 photos and quickly change them as new (and better) ones come along. This system is perfect for my needs and space. My Father's Day gift to myself!"

"We needed a unique design to be able to display our photos in a cost-efficient manner. Versaframe worked perfectly and we were able to customize our display."

"Versaframe allows a variety of formats to fit anyone's ideas and pictures"

"Everyone here is very impressed with the product!"

" I like the puzzle frame. Now I don't have to glue the puzzle and can reuse the puzzles and display different ones, depending on the time of year!"

"This product is perfect for our new teen room in our church's educational building. It could be used for holding picutures of our youth group, recent awards that the kids have received or photos from recent outings."

"What a brilliant, original idea. Please can we have them here in Australia too. Thank you"

"I have been looking for a pretty and tasteful way to display a sequence of our family photos. The VersaFrame is perfect."

"Perfect replacement for those expensive framing deals. "

"Great way to display multiple pictures "

"Nothing else seems as easy to reconfigure. "

"Very modern and attractive way of displaying pictures."

"Modular Picture Frames are a Great Idea!! "

"I have been trying to find a frame to accomodate a collage for four 8 1/2 x 11 photos. I noticed your ad in Budget Living's June/July 2004 issue and I am estatic that I did!! "

"I have been looking for a professional way to display our customer profiles, and I think I have found a perfect solution."

"All of our family likes it so we thought it would be a good gift to all of us."

"This is the perfect solution for the large wall at the top of our stairs. We have so many fun family photos which deserve to be displayed. Thank you for offering such an elegant product!"

"Portfolio display is a big problem. Setting -- and changing -- multuiple images takes forever and risks damaging the images. Great engineering / design concept."

"Today we received our Versa Frame order and put it up with our business certificates. It looks fantastic! It makes a huge difference in our office and I am now a big fan of VersaFrame! Thank you!"

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