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VersaFrame Puzzle Sandwich

Gluing puzzles is messy and most importantly, it destroys your puzzle. Glued puzzles look nice, but try taking them apart and putting them back together. With the VersaFrame Jigsaw Puzzle Frame, you can display your puzzles for any period of time you like and swap them out with other puzzles, pictures or display favorites. Put your puzzle back in the box and enjoy the puzzle building experience again at some other time.

VersaFrame Jigsaw Puzzle Display Frame Portrait

If our standard sizes don't satisfy your puzzle framing needs, we can make any size puzzle frame you want! Give us a call at 1-866-837-7203 to order.

VersaFrame Jigsaw Puzzle Display Frame Landscape

VersaFrame Jigsaw Puzzle Display Frame (larger view)

Our New VersaFrame Jigsaw Puzzle Frame Display products offer great uses for our most popular framing products. The jigsaw puzzle frame is available in either portrait or landscape versions and can also be ordered to custom fit ANY puzzle size you like! The greatest feature of our jigsaw puzzle frames is that they will hold/display your puzzles WITHOUT GLUE!

It’s the perfect frame for displaying your double sided puzzles and the only frame in the world that gives you the option to display either side of a double sided puzzle switching sides in seconds!

The Medium Puzzle Sandwich is 19.25" X 24.25" . It can hold most 500 piece rectangular puzzles as well as some other sizes (check your dimensions if you have a puzzle in mind you'd like to display). The Large Puzzle Sandwich can hold most 1000 piece puzzles. If it is not a perfect fit, you can use a colored background (black is included) or let your wall color show through as pictured here. You can use any materials you like for a background such as construction paper, newspaper, wrapping paper and wallpaper. Get creative with it and have some fun!